Saturday, June 4, 2016

Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil

Intro:  E   E+3   E+5

E 079900 X4 measures and 1st verse
D 057700
A 002200

Out where the river broke. The bloodwood and the desert oak.
Holden wrecks and boiling diesels. Steam in forty five degrees.

The E time has come. To D say fair's fair. To A pay the rent. To E pay our share.
The E time has come. A D fact’s a fact. It A belongs to them. Let's E+2 (F#) give it back. E E+3 E+5

Em How can we dance when our C earth is turning. G  E| 3 5 7
Em How do we sleep while our C beds are burning. D xxx7\2xx (X2)

Four wheels scare the cockatoos. From Kintore East to Yuendemu.
The western desert lives and breathe. In forty five degrees.

Chorus 1 & 2

The Em time has come. To C say fair's fair. To G pay the rent. To D pay our share.
The Em time has come. A C fact’s a fact. It G belongs to them. We’re going to D give it back. 

Trombone Solo Youtube 4:04

E E+3   E+5  X2

E(no 3rd)  G A   ...             E(no 3rd)  G A  (slide down on notes)

E(no 3rd): 079900
E        : 07999x
D/E      : 0777xx
A/E      : 077655
F#       : 244322
Em       : 022000
C        : 032010
D        : xx0232
G        : 320003
A        : x02220
B/D#     : x6444x

INTRO chords: E(no 3rd) G A then build up on E(no 3rd)
Guitar 57 deluxe with mod

Drums and Bass Riff: (written for normal guitar)

Fender Mustang 2 > ‘65 Twin Reverb with reverb knob set to 2.

Guitar amp settings; #21 cool organ, #60 clean guitar, #43 60s clean guitar (bass line)